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19th Century German Stories
19th Century literature in German including The Frog King and Rumplestiltskin.
     Author: Godwin-Jones, Robert
     Subjects: german literature
     DeweyClass: 830.7
     Resource type: books
Berlin Airlift
Information about daily airlifts carrying food and supplies into West Berlin between 1948 and 1949, when the Soviet Union began starving out the population and cutting off business in an attempt control the city. Includes government documentation and excerpts from Airbridge to Berlin by D.M. Giangreco and Robert E. Griffin.
     Author: Project Whistlestop: Truman Digital Archive Project
     Subjects: german literature, germany
     DeweyClass: 943
     Resource type: documents, images
German and Cultural Studies Pages
Extensive list of resources in a wide range of categories including news, politics, business, Scandinavian resources, and German cities and regions.
     Author: Harvard University
     Subjects: cultural studies, german literature, germany
     DeweyClass: 943
     Resource type: index
IASGP - German Studies Institutes
Links to Web resources in German Studies worldwide
     Author: --
     Subjects: german language, german literature, germany
     DeweyClass: 430
     Resource type: index
German Departments Worldwide
Links to university departments of German and German Studies worldwide.
     Author: Ng, Alan
     Subjects: german language, german literature, germany
     DeweyClass: 430
     Resource type: index
German Studies Web
German literature resources produced for the Western European Studies Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries.
     Author: Sonnenburg, Reinhart
     Subjects: german literature
     DeweyClass: 830
     Resource type: index
Bookseller specialising in the dissemination of academic and research materials including monographs, periodicals, electronic journals, and music scores, within the academic and research library community.
     Author: Harrassowitz
     Subjects: german literature, international booksellers
     DeweyClass: 070.5
     Resource type: bookshop
Internet Resources for Germanists - germanistik.net
Collection of links mainly for Germanists rather than students of German. Includes links to German departments around the world and professional organisations for Germanists.
     Author: Wisconsin University
     Subjects: german language, german literature, germany
     DeweyClass: 943
     Resource type: index
Johan Wolfgang Goethe Poetry
Over 100 poems by Johan Wolfgange Goethe, with translations provided alongside the original German versions. Many have been translated into Czech, Esperanto, Russian, Italian and Spanish. Titles are browsable by an A-Z index.
     Author: Lovermann, Dmitri
     Subjects: german literature, poetry links
     DeweyClass: 830
     Resource type: poems
LibGuide Community - German Lit
Links to many secondary school German literature guides/pathfinders.
     Author: - -
     Subjects: german language, german literature
     DeweyClass: 830
     Resource type: guide
Reason, Romanticism and Revolution
Collection of study guides on aspects of 19th Century culture and writing by Voltaire, Goethe, Zola, Nietzsche and others, and 19th Century socialism.
     Author: Brians, Paul
     Subjects: cultural studies, european literature, french literature, german literature
     DeweyClass: 909.8
     Resource type: guide
Schiller-Nationalmuseums und Deutschen Literaturarchivs
Information about this literature archive and the Schiller National Museum (in German).
     Author: Schiller National Museum
     Subjects: german literature
     DeweyClass: 830
     Resource type: institution
University of Virginia Electronic Text Library
On-line archive of thousands of SGML-encoded electronic texts, some of which are publicly available. Divided into English, French, German, Latin, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Spanish, Tibetan and Icelandic texts.
     Author: University of Virginia
     Subjects: american literature - general, chinese language, european literature, german literature, greek literature, hebrew, iceland, japanese, text collections
     DeweyClass: 808.8
     Resource type: document collection, ebook collection, poems