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Research Starting Point : Statistics
Statistical Abstract Demographic Information Financial, Business and Economic Statistics General Information Government Statistics Labor, Wages & Compensation Local Statistics Social Statistics
Library Spot : Statistics
Census Children Demographics Economic Education Ethnicities Environment Health Justice State and Local Population Religious World Women Transportation Statistics Labor Statistics Criminal Justice Statistics Health Statistics Education Statistics Defense Economic Analysis Agricultural Statistics
Census Finder
A comprehensive directory of U.S., United Kingdom and Canadian links to free census records online categorized by country, state, and county
United Kingdom Current Statistics
National Statistics website links to the most recent official UK statistical releases from the last 31 days. UK statistics
Internet Public Library : Statistics
Transportation Statistics Religion Statistics Center for Health Statistics births, deaths (including fetal and infant deaths), breastfeeding, and HIV/AIDS Glossary statistical terms Cancer Statistics
WorldCat : Social Issues Statistics
Find books or other items related to 'Social Issues Statistics' in a library near you!
Univ. of Michigan : Statistical Resources on the Web
One of the most comprehensive statistical resource sites on the Web - agricultural statistics, demographics, economics, construction, employment, crime, etc.