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British Monarchs : Biography
British Monarchs MONARCHS of BRITAIN Wessex Danish Line Normans Plantagenet Plantagenets Tudor Tudors House of Stuart Oliver Cromwell House of Orange House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha House of Windsor Elizabeth II George III Charles I James I Elizabeth I William the Conqueror Edward, the Confessor Al
Biography Online: Famous Africans
A list of famous African people who made a significant contribution to the world.
British Prime Ministers : Biography
Great Britain Prime Ministers parliament Margaret Thatcher Sir Winston Churchill Neville Chamberlain David Lloyd George Arthur James Balfour Benjamin Disraeli William Lamb Robert Peel George Grenville William Pitt
Egyptian Kings : Egyptian Pharaohs
biography biographies Egyptian Kings Egyptian Pharaohs Cleopatra Ptolemy Alexander the Great Ramesses Tutankhamun Hatshepsut Amenhotep Khufu Cheops Netjerykhet Djoser
Rulers of the World
This site contains lists of heads of state and heads of government (and, in certain cases, de facto leaders not occupying either of those formal positions) of all countries and territories, going back to about 1700
American Presidents: Life Portraits
American Presidents Presidents of the United States Ronald Reagan Richard M. Nixon Dwight D. Eisenhower Harry S. Truman Franklin D. Roosevelt Herbert Hoover Woodrow Wilson Theodore Roosevelt Abraham Lincoln George Washington Thomas Jefferson Andrew Jackson
United States Congress : Biographical Directory
Biographical Directory of the United States Congress
Roman Emperors
Roman Emperors Zeno Trajan Tiberius Tacitus Nero Justinian Hadrian Diocletian Constantine Caligula Augustus Aurelian Agrippina Roman Rulers
Vincent Voice Library : Voices of American Presidents
oral history american presidents MP3.COM RealAudio Vincent Voice Library Benjamin Harrison Grover Cleveland William McKinley Theodore Roosevelt William Howard Taft Woodrow Wilson Warren G. Harding Calvin Coolidge Herbert Hoover Franklin D. Roosevelt Harry Truman Dwight D. Eisenhower John F. Kennedy