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Science scientists Canadian Biography Archaeologists : David Boyle John Norman Emerson Walter Andrew Kenyon Graham Westbrook Rowley William Ewart Taylor, Jr Bruce Graham Trigger William John Wintemberg
Distinguished Women of Past and Present : Archaeology
science scientists Women archaeologists : Hannah Marie Wormington Patty Jo Watson Janet Spector Olga Soffer Ruth Simpson Kathleen Mary KenyonMarija Gimbutas Gertrude Caton-Thompson Hetty Goldman Harriet Boyd Hawes Margaret Alice Murray Esther Boise Van Deman
Biography Channel : Archaeologists
science scientists Archaeologists : Gordon Willey Glyn Daniel George Bass William Henry Holmes Giuseppe Fiorelli Lewis Binford William Dinsmoor Kwang-Chih Chang Charles Bowditch Gaibrois Ballesteros William Albright