The mission of the Virtual Learning Resources Center is to index thousands of the best academic information websites, selected by teachers and library professionals worldwide, in order to provide to students and teachers current, valid information for school and university academic projects!

The Virtual LRC is both a dedicated index of over 10,000 web pages maintained by a real human being, as well as a meta-search engine that includes in its results information gleaned from many of the best research portals and university and public library Internet subject guides recommended by teachers and librarians.

The VLRC includes selected sites in a growing list of subject/information areas including: full-text magazines, newspapers, electronic text archives, art history, biography, biology, career information, psychology, history, government information, literature, medical information, social sciences, legal information, American Civil War, Art, Careers, Crime, Directories, Economics, Education, English Language, Electronic Texts, Foreign Languages, Geography, Genealogy, Government Information,Health/Medical, History, Legal Information, Lesson Plans, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Reference, Science, Technology, Tutorials on the Web, and Writing Style Guides.

The Virtual LRC is actually a suite of three databases. In addition to the main index/browser/subject guide, there is also VLRC MagBot, full-text magazine reference and research site offering free hot-topic magazine and journal articles, and VLRC Alphamarks, the subject-classified bookmarks of the Virtual Learning Resources Center. Both VLRC MagBot and VLRC Alphamarks are indexed through the main VLRC index/meta search engine/web directory. These three in combination offer a powerful technology to help users find the most relevant information for their academic needs.

The Virtual LRC, a completely free resource, is the creation of Dr. Michael Bell, former state chair of the Texas Association of School Librarians. The Virtual LRC is in a constant state of revision. Please contact us using the email form accessible on the main page, and feel free to recommend specific additions to the site, or more general improvements that you feel would help make the VLRC even more facilitative of student information needs.

Dr. Michael Bell

What People are Saying About the VLRC

"TeachThought rated the Virtual LRC #3 in it's list of 100 Search Engines For Academic Research."

"Virtual LRC - completely reliable list of websites; search a topic, a list of website will be listed. No login required.."
               Athens High School Library

"I f you're looking for high quality educational sites to explore? You must check out VLRC. This learning resource center is the best place to go when you're in search for useful research materials and accurate information for your academic requirement. It has a collection of more than 10,000 indexed webpages for all subject areas."
               Best Educational Search Engines For Academic Researchers

" A solid source of proven scientific information is The Virtual Learning Resources Center, which indexes thousands of the best academic information websites."
               Robin Lee Kennedy
               (The Research is In Chemicals ARE Harmful!)

"Virtual Learning Resources Center is currently a one of a kind metasearch engine. It searches only online reference libraries, academic subject directories and other portals that are academically based."
               Chabot College -- Portals, Gateways, and MetaSites
               (The Sites That Select Quality Web Sites)

"MagSearch (courtesy of the folks at Virtual Learning Resource Center) : This wonderful tool allows quick and easy searching of various magazines. Be sure to share this one with your middle and high school students as well as your colleagues."
               Teacher/Librarian Web Site of the Month, December 2008

"Do you find that the internet has become so extensive that you occasionally get lost in a vast abyss? I do. That is why I like the Virtual Learning Resource Center. We added this search tool to the the resources on the right side of this blog ....."
               Online ED* Spot & Butler Community College

"This site
( )
has links to just about every commonly used application available.
               Frances Harper JHS Library

"You`ll find a great collection of resources on this site to help you complete your projects in everything from economics to art history."

"Reference Web sites are selected especially for high school and community college students. Browse the directory or search the pages."
               Mega Net

"Find your answer on these amazing websites."
               Gulf Beaches Public Library

"Information for all subject areas: Art, Biographies, and Geography & History sections are really good"
               Newcaney ISD

"Linda DeVore, who would like to be identified as "CGMS Media Center Director otherwise known as the Seeker of Knowledge," shared an excellent site called the Virtual Learning Resources Center. It's a search engine that just crawls through sites that have been recommended by librarians and teachers. I tried it with a couple of search terms ? "ESL" and "World History"  ¯  and found several great sites that I hadn't seen before. I've placed it on my Teacher's Page under General English Teacher Resources."
               Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day...

"Courtesy of the folks at Virtual Learning Resource Center, this wonderful tool (MagSearch - allows quick and easy searching of various magazines. The user selects a magazine collection from a drop down menu, a set of individual magazines, or a social issue topic."

"Great Learning Resources. Period."
               LIFE of Florida Homeschooling Network

"A free resource for secondary and community college students. A great reference site."
               Virtual Libraries and Reference Portals - H. Gunn

" Just want to let you know it was a true pleasure using this excellent website."
                Helge Scherlund's eLearning news blog

" ... a useful library with access to e-texts, news, sounds, magazines searches, information portals and more. "
               Holly Gunn

" Web Honor Roll - Educator's Hot List"
                MidLink Magazine

"I'm always pleased to discover new sites that provide innovative learning resources. The Virtual LRC combines features of an online reference library and a meta search engine. This is definitely a site that students, instructors, and writers will want to keep available in their bookmarks or toolbars to facilitate ready information checking."
               Education Vault

"A well organized site that helps students search for quality information for school and college academic projects."
               Internet 4 Classrooms

"Selective subject guides to many disciplines, reference, electronic texts and tutorials. Selections are credible and annotated. "
                Don Singleton - Tulsa Computer Society

"Great Site GREAT SITE: extensive reference resources: biographies (alphabetical list at top), dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps, etc. "resources for high school students;" check out the "Study Guides" Encyclopedias in Specific Subject Areas areas include music, myths, symbols, and more"
                Geometry : the Online Learning Center

"This site is a wonderful research tool. Lots of links to great information."
                Shawnee Mission School District : Staff Development

"The Virtual Learning Resources Center is actually a great general website that could cut across many different areas of study and not just education. It is an information finding site, created by a librarian, for secondary school students and teachers; it gives easy access to pre-selected and evaluated information resources and it covers a wide variety of subjects."
               Midway College Library

"Searches quality information web pages, all selected by librarians and teachers. With this easy to use search tool you can restrict your keyword search to a specific subject."
               Virtual Reference Desk

"Created by a librarian, the award winning Virtual LRC is a series of especially configured search engines that search only selected, authoritative sites on the Internet. Subject areas include education, reference, full-text newspapers, full-text magazines, biography, literature, biology, history, social studies, legal information, medical, health, medicine."

"This site is unique as it uses a combination of human reviewed resources specifically geared for teachers as well as the best internet search technology available."
               Advanced Methods of Internet Research

"This site contains carefully chosen resources from all over the web in a wide range of topics. You'll be able to find the most reliable and informative sites that can direct you to books and articles of interest."

"Virtual Learning Resource Center Organized and maintained by a retired school/academic librarian; indexes a wide variety of other portals for a total of 100,000+ student-friendly pages."
               Alice Yucht Search Tools

"A good source to peruse in pursuit of highly specialized topics."
               On-Line Collections - Universities and Public Institutions (UC Berkeley)

"This site contains carefully chosen resources from all over the web in a wide range of topics. You?ll be able to find the most reliable and informative sites that can direct you to books and articles of interest."
               100 Awesome Search Engines for Bibliophiles

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